Wie Pete Rock zu sagen pflegt: „Ain’t no time for fakin jax – Stop fakin jax – Brothers that fake jax get laid on they back.“ In diesem Sinne eröffnet MF Eistee mit „JAX“ die 2. Season der KO-OP Serie. Die Dramadigs, Slim., Khaderbai, MF Kauz, YAYA, Camufingo, Roberto Echo, D&DBBB, Juan Rios, Loop Schrauber, Teka, Thelonious Coltrane und Smoke Trees haben eine grandiose Season 1 abgeliefert. Wer diese sich nochmal anhören möchte sollte diesem Link folgen: KO-OP Season 1

KO-OP Season 2 is kicking off tomorrow with „Jax.“, a brandnew track by MF Eistee.

MF Eistee is a young beatmaker from Bavaria, Germany. His sound is inspired by classic 90s boom-bap but his beats are truly 2018.
After releasing two EPs in 2017 („Recovered“ and „Views“ – the later together with drwn),
Eistee is kicking off the new year with his first beat for KO-OP.

He is currently working on a solo album and a collabo project with his good friend Loopschrauber.