Video zu „Astrophyziks“ aus dem Album „Foursight“. Chi-Clopz, Pip Demascus, BLakchyl und BZA bilden die Gruppe „Mindz of a Different Kind“ (MDK). Gefällt mir!

Hailing from Austin, TX, MDK consists of 4 lyricists; Pip Demascus, BLakchyl, Chi-Clopz & BZA/ Breez. They combined forces with an all-star lineup of producers for this project including Gensu Dean of Mello Music Group, Blueprint, Kydd Jones of LNS Crew, Midax & Marcel plus feature guest appearances by the legendary Abstract Rude & Myka 9 of Project Blowed/ LA Underground!

Over the 11 track soundscape, MDK reveals why they have been blessed with the vision of foresight aka FOURSIGHT, and deliver the people a proper dosage of food for thought! Raw, honest, unapologetic HipHop for the people, it’s MDK!

Grab the Album @ Bandcamp