Shoutouts an Misanthrop!

Whazzup instrumental fetishists !

first: For every support I am very grateful! I am not on the big money!
I save every euro, dollar or pound and try to realize the dream of a MPC only with Bandcamp sales 🙂

ok..short prehistory:
Two months ago my hard drive died. My life was over ….
Thousands of samples, project files, beats, artworks were gone.

I had the old part already given up.But then wrote me „Prezident“ (in my opinion one of the best German rapper) me. He wanted a beat from an old ep. That was reason enough that I have again put on the old hard disk. And tadaaaa I could revive them.
[and we learned never forget youre backups^^]

About „loops & letters“ :
This time I have resolved a bit from the emotional side and put more deep into it. Underground boombap meets directly on dirty drums and gloomy atmospheres. i try to combine lofi hiphop and raw baps.
All in all its a very deep!

And as always a large portion of emotions. Each track reflects something . Take your own picture in your head and let yourself drift to the deep doom boombap atmopsheres
In the near future, I will also publish a first edition of Tapes and Vinyl.

Sharing my music to the whole world and get feedback from people on the other side of the planet means so much to me !