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Roberto Echo – Deja-Vu EP

Roberto Echo hat heute seine neue EP – „Deja Vu“ gedropped.

Idealerweise sollte man sich auch seine erste EP Jamais Vu, die im Rahmen der KO-OP Reihe veröffentlicht wurde, direkt mit besorgen/gönnen.


01. Déjà-vu
02. Amazonas
03. Moustache
04. Lumière
05. Noir
06. X-Rays
08. Boulevard
07. Rio de Coco
09. Melting
10. Tête-à-tête
11. Trantüte

Only three months after the release of his debut EP „Jamais Vu“, Roberto Echo is giving us
„Déjà-vu“ – a selection of 12 brand new tracks, that make clear that this young beatmaker
will leave his mark in 2018 for sure. Roberto’s music is rooted in classic sample-driven hip-hop
with a distinctive modern twist. He pays hommage to jazz, soul funk and exotica while adding
a sense of moodiness and suspense to his tracks.

In psychology, „Déjà-vu“, a French borrowing meaning „already seen“, refers to the
phenomenon of having the feeling that the situation currently being experienced has already
been experienced in the past. It is also described as the opposite of „Jamais Vu“.

Roberto Echo first caught our attention, when he played a warm-up beat set for Knowsum at
the Roxy club in Cologne last year. Much to our surprise we learned that Roberto is actually
from Cologne, has been making beats for a while but lives and works in Düsseldorf these days.
In November 2017 we released „Jamais Vu“ which was the third KO-OP EP release following
Smoke Trees and Juan Rios.

Roberto Echo – Déjà-vu

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